Baladez Construction Inc. is a general contracting company that originated in Richmond, TX. Although based in Richmond we do serve the greater Houston area. We are a company that is advantaged by having elite knowledge of the home remodeling and home construction industry. Our company has a special insight thanks to multiple generations of the Baladez family perfecting their craft through years of hands on general contracting experience. As well as working with other general contractors and construction professionals. BCI utilizes the knowledge that has been passed down through each generation to deliver the best home remodeling and construction solutions.

Humble Beginnings

BCI started as a painting and dry wall company more than 20 years ago. As a startup company we had to fight the trials and tribulations that come with being a small business. Bigger companies might not consider the smaller clients or treat them the same as a big player who can bring more profit to a business. BCI knows how it feels being the smaller name and does not discriminate how we treat clients. As a smaller business, we had to improve our company standards, ensure proper procedures for completing work, and put policies in place to make sure we do business the best way possible. Throughout our growth as a company we have developed a system that prioritizes all clients equally as well as a process to ensure quality work. Establishing an ethical and proper business plan was essential for BCI, without a plan we would not be able to grow as a company or develop rapport with clients who we wish to continue working with in the future.

Transition to General Contracting

The BCI brand started pre 2000 when the company first trademarked the family/company name. We started off as sub-contractors completing work such as dry wall repair, sheet-rock installation, interior and exterior painting. After 2000 is when the shift started to happen. We were growing not only as a company but our industry knowledge was also growing. Collaborating with great builders in Houston we were able to nurture partnerships with other home construction and general contracting companies. With our expanding knowledge came the need to expand the business. In 2005 our company re-branded and established our ability to do other scopes of work within a home.

Building Our Brand

Since 2010 larger scale projects such as bathroom, kitchen, and complete interior home remodels have been our focal point. Completing many jobs such as media room additions, In-law suite additions, and many other home renovations. Although we were blessed with opportunities to grow within the home remodeling industry, we still completed countless smaller home projects. We don't want to forget the smaller clientele who is in need of professional general contracting work. No job is too big or too small for BCI. By utilizing our resources such as generational experience within the industry, BCI was able to fast track the transition to home remodeling, renovations, and additional home construction work. Thanks in part to years of combined knowledge that would otherwise take decades to accumulate. We have been building our brand as a company since, and wish to keep growing by expanding our family and community through excellent work and relationship building.

Our Goal

With recent re-branding of the company, our main priority is providing the highest quality available to the client. We achieve this by holding the highest standard for home remodeling and home construction. This means no cutting corners, obtaining proper work permits, abiding by city codes, doing our due diligence, and executing the desires of the client by doing things the correct way to ensure durability. BCI strives to be the leader in the Houston construction/remodeling industry by leaving unforgettable impressions. We want the clients to be fully involved and educated as possible because home building can be tough. There is a lot of decisions and without proper guidance can be hectic. BCI wants to eliminate as many headaches as possible and streamline the construction process for our clientele.